The Spring of My 25th Year

April 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve been 25 for just over a week now, and while I’ve come farther than I ever expected since graduating college three years ago, there are still plenty more goals I’d like to accomplish before I’m officially out of my mid-20s.

Here I present my list of 25 things I hope to do before turning 26 next year:

25 Before 26

1. Find the best mussels in Fairmount.
2. Take a class in trapeze arts.
3. Start swing dancing regularly again.
4. Submit at least three essays for publication.
5. Learn Irish step dancing.
6. Start a daily yoga routine.
7. Start a weekly cleaning routine.
8. Try at least one new recipe every week.
9. Send my resume to five companies I’d really like to work for.
10. Go camping.
11. Put at least $50 in savings every week.
12. Reconnect with at least 3 friends I’ve lost touch with.
13. Start a new hobby.
14. Learn how to crochet.
15. Budget my finances better.
16. Visit all the Philadelphia tourist traps I haven’t seen yet.
17. Blog something every day.
18. Learn how to develop a roll of film.
19. Geek out entirely and play a game of Warhammer with The Boy.
20. Volunteer somewhere once a week.
21. Clean out my car.
22. Get a tattoo.
23. Finish writing at least one book or screenplay.
24. Write an original song.
25. Learn how to juggle.

I’ll cross items off the list and blog about them as they happen. Stay tuned for exciting future events!


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