The Great Philadelphia Earthquake of 2011

August 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

via A.V. Club

Shortly after 2:00 p.m. Eastern time, I felt a truck rumble past my office building in Northeast Philadelphia. A truck that started towing the very foundation while some morbidly obese maintenance workers fixed the roof.

Around the time the floor turned into a trampoline, my brain got wise to what was really going on: a 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia. (Facebook and Twitter helped too.)

Ok, so it wasn’t really that traumatic, and Philadelphia hardly got the brunt of it.

But for this afternoon’s brave survivors cleaning up the aftermath (Straightening pictures. Setting vases right again. The rebuilding never ends.), here’s a playlist in our honor. A little bit of soul, a little bit of funk, a little bit of indie punk and a whole lotta shakin’ going on.

1. An Earthquake’s Comin’ / Black Velvet / Fallin’ off the Reel Volume 2

2. I’m Shakin’ / Rooney / Rooney

3. Emergency On Planet Earth / Jamiroquai / Emergency On Planet Earth

4. I Feel The Earth Move / Carole King / Tapestry

5. Shake! Shake! / The Subways / All or Nothing

6. Let Your Earth Quake, Baby / The Thermals / Fuckin A

7. Before and After the Quake / Oppenheimer / Take The Whole Mid-Range And Boost It

8. Earthquake Weather / Beck / Guero

9. After the Earthquake / Eels / Tomorrow Morning

10. You Only Live Once / The Strokes / First Impressions of Earth

You cool kids on Spotify can also subscribe to the playlist here.


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§ 2 Responses to The Great Philadelphia Earthquake of 2011

  • I heard about that earthquake! That’s not normal, is it? Anyways, cute post! Have fun straightening pictures and setting vases upright 🙂

    • Averne says:

      Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

      There’s an ancient fault line that runs along the Appalachian Mountains and it releases energy every now and then, but because the East Coast’s fault line is so different than ones on the West Coast, earthquakes are a much rarer occurrence here.

      This Drexel professor explains it much better than I can.

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