Song Mix Sundays #12: Lazy, Hazy Summer

August 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

My two big passions in life: sharing stories and sharing music.

Sometimes, a good song tells my story better than my own words. That’s how Song Mix Sundays was born. Once a week, I compile a playlist of my favorite songs around a common theme.

August means the unofficial last month of summer. So here’s a late summer snack: 8 of my favorite tracks that embrace the last remaining lazy, hazy days.

Song Mix Sunday #12

1. Take Me Somwhere – Tennis, Cape Dory
It’s already August, but there’s still a whole month left for shore trips and late-night drives to nowhere. Take yourself somewhere.

2. Yellow Bridges – El Ten Eleven, Transitions
This song is a casual afternoon drive with the windows rolled down on that first day the humidity finally breaks.

3. Upon the North – Eliza and the Bear, Upon the North “I spent summers away / Hiding in rivers and lakes / I spent summers away / Hiding”
The perfect end-of-summer anthem.

4. Back Like 8 Track – The Go! Team, Rolling Blackouts
This song is the ultimate inner-city summer block party.

5. Sugar Bush – matt pond PA, Spring Fools EP
Play this song when you’re sitting on the back porch at dusk with a handmade shandy, right around the time the first fireflies come out.

6. Neutral Ground – Sea Wolf, Leaves in the River
Summer’s not over until I’ve lain on a blanket in damp grass at 2am, watching Perseid meteors streak across the sky.

7. Stay Young, Go Dancing – Death Cab For Cutie, Codes and Keys “Through autumn’s advancing / Stay young, go dancing”

8. Don’t Look Back – She & Him, Volume Two “Don’t look back, all you’ll ever get / Is the dust from the steps before…”
The end of one season is actually a beginning – a new season with new possibilities. Don’t look back; move forward.

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