The Art of Transition

May 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

The thing about massive change is that it’s scary as shit.

To cope, I do things like make up words. Words like freelanceployment, which is the status between unemployment and freelancing when you’re not profitable enough to sustain yourself, but you have enough prospects that maybe soon you might be. Saying it carries less of a stigma, anyway. It makes you sound more active than plain old “unemployed.”

I also do things like buy all the ingredients for stupid amounts of margaritas without my husband knowing (but he found out by the time this post got published).

But mostly, I listen to a lot of music.

I know some people in similar periods of change. Some are optimistically freelanceployed like me. Some are making big moves to other states. Some are new parents, and some are graduating college to start their own crazy job adventures.

No matter what kind of change you’re in the middle of, this mix is for you (and it’s getting posted before Sunday to make room for some Mothers’ Day sentimentality I may or may not create between today and then).


1. Forever Young – Youth Group, Waiting for the Weekend: “Forever young, I want to stay forever young…”

2. This Ladder is Ours – The Joy Formidable, Wolf’s Law: “See us walking through the sunshine / Ask me where I’ve been / Back to ire / Back to desire / This is where it all begins…”

3. Two Fingers – Jake Bugg, Jake Bugg: “So I hold two fingers up to yesterday / Light a cigarette and smoke it all the way / I got out, I got out, I’m alive and I’m here to stay…”

4. Ashes On Your Eyes – Deb Talan, A Bird Flies Out: “You are a phoenix with your feathers still a little wet / The ashes just look pretty on your eyes..”

5. Adulthood – Jukebox the Ghost, Safe Travels: “And I dare you to survive / Being old for the rest of your life / From adulthood, no one survives…”

6. Wildewoman – Lucius, Wildewoman: “She’s gonna find another way back home/ It’s written in her blood, it’s written in her bones / And she’ll only be bound by the things she chooses…”

7. In Between Days – Ben Folds, supersunnyspeedgraphic: “Yesterday I got so old I felt like I could die / Yesterday I got so old it made me want to cry…”

8. These Days – Dr. Dog, Be The Void: “I don’t wanna go / Even though my friends are gone and the music’s off…”

9. We Are the Tide – Blind Pilot, We Are the Tide: “Our time is ever on the road / The ride is in what we make…”

10. Land of the Bloody Unknown – The Middle East, I Want That You Are Always Happy: “I can’t raise the flags or ring them bells / But I can shoot my gun down the line towards my home / To the land of the bloody unknown…”

11. This Year – East Hundred, The Spells: “A rush of love is new / All good lies come true / So lift us up, up, up / Lift us up, up, up…”

12. Comfort – Deb Talan, A Bird Flies Out: “In days to come / When your heart feels undone / May you always find an open hand / Take comfort wherever you can, you can, you can…”

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