Song Mix Sundays #13: Perseid

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2:00 am, mid-November. Cold biting through my two layers of flannel pants. I’m perched on the hood of the silver Taurus in our driveway, head craned skyward, watching the Leonids peak. Dad tells me the history of the stars and my brain is full of universe.

The news claimed we’d see up to 3,000 meteors in an hour.

We must have seen over a hundred shooting stars that night, even in the light-polluted suburbs. I lost count in the first 15 minutes.

I was 16, and that was my first meteor shower.

The Perseids peak this weekend. If you’ve never caught a light show, grab a blanket and find someplace dark after local midnight. Sprawl in the grass for two or three hours with the bats and the crickets and the still night air, and watch the stars fall.


1. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois – Sufjan Stevens, Come On Feel The Illinoise “Incarnation / Three stars / Delivering signs and dust from their eyes”

2. Sleep Tonight – Stars, Set Yourself On Fire “You will cry / And I will cry / Cause all the love’s alive tonight”

3. Human Qualities – Explosions in the Sky, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

4. Meteor – the bird and the bee, Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future “One night a meteor / Came to my door / And he asked me to dance / One night a shooting star / He traveled far / Just to ask me to dance”

5. The Violet Hour – The Civil Wars, Barton Hollow

6. Stars – The Weepies, Say I Am You “Tangerines are hanging heavy / Glowing marigolden hues / Teasing a half-pale moon / And I feel a pull to the blue-velvet dark and stars”

7. {Awayland} – The Villagers, {Awayland}

8. Belles – Andrew Bird, Break It Yourself

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Song Mix Sundays #12: Lazy, Hazy Summer

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My two big passions in life: sharing stories and sharing music.

Sometimes, a good song tells my story better than my own words. That’s how Song Mix Sundays was born. Once a week, I compile a playlist of my favorite songs around a common theme.

August means the unofficial last month of summer. So here’s a late summer snack: 8 of my favorite tracks that embrace the last remaining lazy, hazy days.

Song Mix Sunday #12

1. Take Me Somwhere – Tennis, Cape Dory
It’s already August, but there’s still a whole month left for shore trips and late-night drives to nowhere. Take yourself somewhere.

2. Yellow Bridges – El Ten Eleven, Transitions
This song is a casual afternoon drive with the windows rolled down on that first day the humidity finally breaks.

3. Upon the North – Eliza and the Bear, Upon the North “I spent summers away / Hiding in rivers and lakes / I spent summers away / Hiding”
The perfect end-of-summer anthem.

4. Back Like 8 Track – The Go! Team, Rolling Blackouts
This song is the ultimate inner-city summer block party.

5. Sugar Bush – matt pond PA, Spring Fools EP
Play this song when you’re sitting on the back porch at dusk with a handmade shandy, right around the time the first fireflies come out.

6. Neutral Ground – Sea Wolf, Leaves in the River
Summer’s not over until I’ve lain on a blanket in damp grass at 2am, watching Perseid meteors streak across the sky.

7. Stay Young, Go Dancing – Death Cab For Cutie, Codes and Keys “Through autumn’s advancing / Stay young, go dancing”

8. Don’t Look Back – She & Him, Volume Two “Don’t look back, all you’ll ever get / Is the dust from the steps before…”
The end of one season is actually a beginning – a new season with new possibilities. Don’t look back; move forward.

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Song Mix Sundays #11: It Starts With An Earthquake…

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First an earthquake, now a hurricane. The East coast can’t catch a break this week.

I’m weathering the storm in my Philly apartment that dates back to the 1850s with windows that haven’t been replaced since c. 1902. I don’t know what tonight has in store for me, my electricity or my historical relic front windows.

So this week’s Song Mix Sunday is going up a day early so the rest of my East coast readers can party down before the electricity goes out. Or before we float away. Or both.

The theme this week? Natural disasters. 11 tracks covering tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and even a zombie apocalypse. Because you can never be too prepared. In your face, Irene!

1. T. O. R. N. A. D. O / The Go! Team / Rolling Blackouts
“It’s the T. O. R. N. A. D. O! It’s the T. O. R. N. A. D. O! It’s the prototype, it’s the double-strike from the ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-get go!”

2. Earthquake Weather / Beck / Guero
“Something’s coming, sky is purple, dogs are howling to themselves / Days are changing with the weather / Like a rip tide could rip us away”

3. Hurricane / Eastern Conference Champions / Speak-Ahh
“I hear it coming, I hear it coming, sounds like a hurricane!”

4. California’s Burning / Augustana / All The Stars and Boulevards
“California’s burning, burning, burning to the ground…”

5. Calamity Song / The Decemberists / The Kind Is Dead
“Had a dream / You and me and the war of the end times / And I believe California succumbed to the fault line…”

6. Mt. St. Helens / Mirah / Advisory Committee
“There had been a great disaster / The hot winds came just after / A tremendous shock was filmed / Survivors often tell…”

7. A Record Year for Rainfall / The Decemberists / Always the Bridesmaid: Vol. 3
“I read in the paper today it’s been a record year for rainfall…”

8. Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide / Cloud Cult / Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes)
“I’ll laugh my whole way through the hurricanes and fires…”

9. Sparrows / matt pond PA / The Dark Leaves
“And when that white dust fails and smoke pours from the sun / I know I must know better…” I’m pretty sure this song is actually about a bad break-up, but it’s apocalyptic references make it fit right in here.

10. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh! / Sufjan Stevens / Come On Feel The Illinoise
Because zombie disasters are just as impending as natural disasters.

11. Natural Disaster / Andrew Bird / Noble Beast

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This Is Not The End: In Memoriam, LOST

May 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been a year since the greatest show in the history of television went off the air.

The Boy turned me into the biggest LOST fan ever when we started dating sometime before the start of the 5th season. He had watched earlier seasons with his college roommate, and now that he was out of college and out a roommate, he was also out a LOST fan to watch the new season with. He showed me the half-hour long recaps of the previous seasons and I was hooked from the first, “On the previous season of LOST…” I spent the rest of the season brain-boggled and mindfucked in the awesomest way possible. Time travel! Hydrogen bombs! The 70s! Space-time continuum! Daniel Faraday and his moleskine of scientific ramblings! I don’t think there was anything I didn’t love about the series as I experienced it thanks to The Boy.

I knew I only had one more season left to theorize and cliff-hang from week to week when season 6 started. And I knew that The End of All Things was going to be emotional and epic enough for me to need to process it all through song. This mix was born the week before the finale. At that point, no one knew how off-Island timelines would converge with on-Island timelines, how it would all inevitably come down, and how that crazy flash-sideways would resolve. I crafted the mix based on my ideas of where I thought the flash-sideways timeline was ultimately leading (which was nothing like the ending we were actually given). When I listened to the mix the day after the series finale though, I realized that my selections were even more appropriate than I first imagined. I tried to pick songs that fit the general mood of the final season with lyrical content that matched the storyline and overarching themes of the series as a whole.

So, in place of this week’s Song Mix Sunday installment, I present my mix for the final season of LOST, in memory of some of the best television drama I have ever watched. Fellow fans of the show should easily be able to discern the reasoning behind my song selection for this mix. For anyone who’s curious, the songs all focus on the themes of memory, reconnecting, fate, and rebuilding that featured prominently throughout much of the final season. Without further ado:

1. The Ocean – The Bravery, The Sun and the Moon (2007) “I climbed off a mountain and looked off the edge / At all of the lives that I never have led / There’s one where I stayed with you across the sea / I wonder do you still think of me // …Sixes and sevens we live on jet planes / So many faces and I don’t know their names / So many friends now and none of them mine / Forgotten as soon as we meet // All of these moments are lost in time / But you’re caught on my head like a thorn on a vine / To forever torment me and I wonder why / Do I wish I’d never known you at all? // …The sun and the moon, an ocean of air / So many voices, now nothing is there / But the ghost of you asking me why, why did I leave?…”

2. Black Tables – Other Lives, Black Tables – Single (2008) “When the whites of your eyes come through / You’ll see something new / With your body and mind restored / It’s good to see you back home…”

3. Brotherhood of Man – The Innocence Mission, We Walked In Song (2007) “We are in the wind planting the maples / We meet an older man who seems to know I miss my dad / And he smiles through the limbs / We talk easily with him until the rain begins / This is the brotherhood of man… // Waiting at the airport on my suitcase / a girl traveling from Spain became my sudden friend / though I did not learn her name / And when the subway dimmed , a stranger lit my way / This is the brotherhood of man…”

4. Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie, Transatlanticism (2003) “The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row / It seems father than ever before // I need you so much closer…”

5. person person – Mirah, You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This (2000) “You talk fast, steady, and say, ‘Howdy do’ / Take a nap on the sandbar / Know we’re dreaming of you too / Yeah we’re dreaming of you too // …Oh person, person, we’re really missing you / It breaks all of our hearts to know / That you just want to come on home / So come on home…”

6. Blue Lips – Regina Spektor, far (2009) “He stumbled into faith and thought, ‘God, this is all there is?’ / The pictures in his mind arose / And began to breathe / And all the gods and all the worlds / Began colliding on a backdrop of blue / Blue lips, blue veins…”

7. The Seer’s Tower – Sufjan Stevens, Illinois (2005) “In the tower above the earth / There is a view that reaches far / Where we see the universe / I see the fire, I see the end… // Still I go to the deepest grave / Where I go to sleep alone…”

8. 42 – Coldplay, Viva la Vida (2008) “Those who are dead are not dead / They’re just living in my head / And since I fell for that spell / I am living there as well // Time is so short and I’m sure / There must be something more…”

9. This Is Not The End – The Bravery, The Sun and the Moon (2007) “Tell me / Come on, tell me what you can / Even as you wait for death / You’re wiser than I am / Tell me, what does it mean to exist / I am not a scientist / I must believe we’re more than this / I cannot accept that everything that’s real / Is only what our eyes can see and our hands can feel // Not even earth can hold us / Not even life controls us / Not even the ground can keep us down / The memories in my head / Are just as real as the time we spent / You’ll always be close to me my friend / This is not the end // …I don’t care what you believe / As long as you are in my heart / You’re just as real as me / Maybe even more / Someone who’s touched so many lives / Can never, never die…”

10. Everyone’s in Everyone – Patrick Park, Everyone’s in Everyone (2007) “We are blessed / We are loveless / We are cold and we are kind // …We go on / to loving families / And we are sleeping in the cold // …We are lost / And we are found / We are saved and depraved // We are poor and rich / And we are sure that it’s / Of love that we are made // Everyone is in everyone…”

11. Recessional – Vienna Teng, Dreaming Through the Noise (2006) “But she’s looking at me, straight to center / No room at all for any other thought / And I know I don’t want this / Oh, I swear I don’t want this / There’s a reason not to want this, but I forgot… // …And the words, they’re everything and nothing / I want to search for her in the off-hand remarks / Who are you, taking coffee no sugar? / Who are you, echoing street signs? / Who are you, in the stranger in the shell of a lover, / Dark curtains drawn by the passage of time?”

12. Blue – Yoko Kanno, Cowboy Bebop: BLUE (1998) “Asked myself what it’s all for / You know the funny thing about it / I couldn’t answer / No, I couldn’t answer // Things have turned a deeper shade of blue / Images that might be real, maybe illusion / Keep flashing off and on // …Free / Got to know free / Please, don’t wake me from the dream / It’s really everything it seemed / I’m so free / No black and white in the blue // Everything is clearer now / Life is just a dream you know / It’s never ending / I’m ascending…” Remember the final scenes of the final episode when you play this song and just try not to cry.

13. A Dance ‘Round the Memory Tree – Oren Lavie, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack (2008) “Said I forgot / But I did not / Dreams we have had / Played in my head // Did we believe / the cry of the wind? / Did we regret? / Would we forget? // Winters have come and gone, you know / Winters have come and gone, you know / But I’ll miss you young and sweet / For a dance round the memory tree…”

Download the full mix here. The .zip file contains all 13 songs, album art, and a text file with playlist order and lyrics.

Song Mix Sundays #9: Spring

March 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

Today marked the first day of spring. Days are lighter, the air is warmer, and even when it’s still chilly everything feels fresh and clean. Here are 15 songs for sunlight, rain showers, wildflower bouquets, and throw-open-the-windows-to-expel-the-cabin-fever weather on perfect blue sky days.

1. A Sunny Spring Day – Three Berry Icecream, Apricot (2000) Three Berry Icecream is a solo project of Japanese artist Mayumi Ikemizu, who plays accordion, piano, and glockenspiel and writes the happiest music on earth. This song feels like sipping coffee outside of a quaint French coffee shop on, well, a sunny spring day! [download]

2. Glider – advantage Lucy, Echo Park (2005) – advantage Lucy is another indie band from Japan. Formed in the late 1990s under the name Lucy van Pelt (yes, just like the Peanuts character), they’re known for their easy-breezy 60s jangle-pop style that’s fun loving and upbeat. This is a song to thrown open the windows and relish the fresh air to. [download]

3. Marathon – Tennis, Cape Dory (2011) – My little sister recently turned me on to this band by ever so cleverly posting YouTube videos of some acoustic live performances on Facebook on the most appropriately warm spring-like days in February and March. And I was hooked. “Marathon” feels like a picnic on a sailboat on a bright, breezy May afternoon. [download]

4. Let’s Get Out of This Country – Camera Obscura, Let’s Get Out of This Country (2006) “Let’s get out of this country / I’ll admit I’m bored with me… // We’ll pick berries and recline / Let’s hit the road, dear friend of mine / Wave goodbye to our thankless jobs / We’ll drive for miles, maybe never turn off…” The perfect song for banishing cabin fever and hitting the road to find new weekend adventures. [download]

5. Daffodils – Charlene Soraia, Daffodils and Other Idylls (2008) “Strolling past the daffodils / I won’t forget how it feels / to be lost in the maze / Lying on a sun-kissed patch of grass / We found ’round the back / Of that palace garden place…”  I discovered Charlene Soraia when this song was the featured iTunes single of the week sometime during the spring of 2009. She offers the perfect soundtrack for sipping lazy cups of green tea on muggy April shower days daydreaming about love. [download]

6. Portable Rain – Gutevolk, tiny people singing over the rainbow (2007) – Gutevolk is the solo project of Japanese artist Hirono Nishiyama. I’d classify Gutevolk as sort of ambient, chill electro-pop. Another good rainy spring Saturday track. [download]

7. Born to Hum – Erin McKeown, Grand (2003) “Once in the spring of my 24th year / I had nothing to say / With a dangling promise and a terrible past / I threw all the words away / We were born to hum…” [download]

8. Running Wild – matt pond PA, The Dark Leaves (2010) “In bare feet / In back yards / In brown grass and blood / A piece of the high life / Digs into my heel / Give back to the soil to see / What can come up from the spring…” [download]

9. Fitz and Dizzyspells – Andrew Bird, Noble Beast (2008) “Comes and goes / Like in fits and dizzy spells / Like the weather…” I have no idea what this song is about. Like most Andrew Bird songs, its meaning is obscure but the lyrics are brilliant in their wordplay and sound. His lyrics always seem to be more about the sound of the rhyme and rhythm than the actual meaning. And that’s what makes upbeat near nonsense songs like this perfect for the light, fresh step of spring. [download]

10. Shortcut – Bonnie Pink, Daisy – EP (1999) A short and sweet instrumental acoustic track from Japanese singer-songwriter Bonnie Pink. [download]

11. Asleep On a Sunbeam – Belle and Sebastian, Dear Catastrophe Waitress (2003) “All I need is somewhere I can feel the grass on my feet / A walk on sand, a fire I can warm my hands / My joy will be complete…” This song just sounds like spring. The whole album feels like spring, really. [download]

12. Summer Holiday – Wild Nothing, Gemini (2010) – This song is so sun-soaked I can’t stand it. It makes me want to drive to the shore for a day with the windows rolled down and the radio loud and play arcade games while a sticky salt breeze wafts over the boardwalk. [download]

13. Sink/Let it Sway – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Let It Sway (2010) “Head low but you’ve got to let it sway / No miracle’s gonna happen when you feel that way / Bent up but you’ve got to let it sway / No firecracker in the dark’s gonna light your way / Blown out but you’ve got to let it sway / Come on, now, come on, come on…” [download]

14. Ridin’ In My Car – She & Him, Volume Two (2010) Everything about She & Him says carefree springtime, even the songs that are about missing a lost love. [download]

15. Ants – Ham Sandwich, White Fox (2010) Closing things off with a quieter acoustic song from Irish indie band Ham Sandwich. Check out the video for this one on YouTube; it’s heart-breakingly adorable and clever. [download]

Song Mix Sundays #8: Sláinte!

March 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m Irish. Very Irish. So Irish, in fact, that native Irish residents almost asked what part of Ireland I was from until they heard my American East Coast accent. Needless to say, St. Patrick’s Day is my third favorite holiday after my birthday and Christmas (I consider it a lucky coincidence that my birthday happens to be a week after St. Paddy’s Day).

In honor of my heritage and the biggest Irish Day of the year, I’ve compiled 17 songs in several genres that everyone can party out to all week long. This week’s Song Mix Sunday ranges from your traditional Irish pub song fare to some modern alternative and indie bands you may not have known were Irish.

Éirinn go Brách!

Modern / Alternative

Some Irish modern / alternative / punk / rock / indie bands of note.

1. Snakes and Snakes – Bell X1, Music in Mouth (2003) These guys hail from County Kildare and remind me an awful lot of Snow Patrol (who, incidentally, is based in Northern Ireland). The album this song is from went double-platinum in Ireland and the band gained some attention in the US when “Eve, the Apple of My Eye” – another song from the same album – was featured in an episode of The O.C. [download]

2. Honey Power – My Bloody Valentine, Tremolo – EP (1991) Based in Dublin in the 80s and 90s, My Bloody Valentine are one of the originators of shoegaze – that lo-fi, dreamy, layers of fuzzy guitars sound that’s getting popular again under the guise of nu-gaze.  [download]

3. The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing – The Thrills, Let’s Bottle Bohemia (2004) “Lust, Top 40 fame / I can smell your Catholic shame / But it goes on and on and on and on and on, oh my darling…” Another band originating in Dublin, The Thrills have a relaxed perky sound that takes cues from classic pop in the 70s and 80s. A little head-boppy, a little dancy, a little jangly, and a lot of goodness. Trivia bit: R.E.M.’s Peter Buck contributed a guest mandolin performance on this album. [download]

4. What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club, Tourist History (2010) Two Door Cinema Club formed in Northern Ireland in 2007. The name comes from vocalist Sam Halliday’s mispronunciation of the nearby Tudor Cinema. They stopped by the Y-Not Radio bunker in October last year to record a live acoustic session and interview, where they discuss recording, touring, and their appreciation of cats. Check out the live session here. [download]

5. Let There Be Love – Oasis, Don’t Believe the Truth (2005) *gasp!* A classic Brit-rock band on a St. Paddy’s Day mix? Well, yes, but that’s only because frontman Liam Gallagher is actually Irish: He was born in Manchester, England to two Irish parents. And Wikipedia includes him on their list of Irish musicians. So there. [download]

6. Alternative Ulster – Stiff Little Fingers, Wasted Life (2007) “Take a look where you’re living / You got the Army on your street / And the RUC dog of repression / Is barking at your feet / Is this the kind of place you want to live? / Is this where you want to be? / Is this the only life we’re gonna have? / What we need is / An Alternative Ulster / Grab it and change it, it’s yours…” Stiff Little Fingers is a punk rock band that formed in Belfast during the height of The Troubles in 1977. This song was originally recorded in 1978 and speaks to the anger, frustration, and turmoil in Belfast at the time. The Troubles were a time of extreme political unrest in Northern Ireland rooted in centuries of British occupation and religious and social oppression. Catholics fought violently for civil rights and Irish nationalism while Protestants fought just as violently for British loyalism. “Alternative Ulster” speaks to and against the violence of the time, advocating a sense of creative non-violence in seeing the North however you wish to embrace it instead of giving into violent factions. [download]

Pub Songs

You don’t belong in a pub on St. Paddy’s Day if you don’t know at least some of these songs.

1. Fields of Athenry – Dropkick Murphys, Blackout (2003) “Low lie the fields of Athenry / Where once we watched the small free birds fly / Our love was on the wing / We had dreams and songs to sing / It’s so lonely ’round the fields of Athenry” This ballad was written by Peter St. John in the 1970s. Rife with political meaning, it tells the tale of a young man sentenced to prison for stealing food for his family during the potato famine. Don’t sing this song anywhere in Northern Ireland, as it’s often tied with pro-IRA chants. Do belt the chorus if you’re a big fan of the Republic of Ireland national football team, or the Connacht, Munster, London Irish, or Ireland rugby union teams. [download]

2. Tell Me Ma – Gaelic Storm, Special Reserve (2003) “She is handsome, she is pretty / She’s the belle of Belfast city / She is a-courtin’, one-two-three / Please won’t you tell me who is she!” [download]

3. Dirty Old Town – The Pogues, Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash (1985) “I met my love by the gas works wall / Dreamed a dream by the old canal / I kissed my girl by the factory wall / Dirty old town, dirty old town” This song was originally written in 1949 about a town in England. Because bands like The Dubliners and The Pogues made it popular, most people think of it as Irish. [download]

4. The Leaving of Liverpool – Gaelic Storm, Special Reserve (2003) “So fare thee well, my own true love / When I return united we will be / It’s not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me / But my darling, when I think of thee!” [download]

5. Wild Rover – Dropkick Murphys, Live on St. Patrick’s Day (2002) “And it’s no, nay, never! / No, nay, never, no more! / Will I play the wild rover / No never, no more!” A temperance song that turned into a drinking song. Naturally. Don’t sing it unless you know how to sing it right: Clapping four times after the first “no, nay, never!”, twice after “no, nay, never, no more!”, once after “wild rover,” and twice more after “no more.” Pounding your glass on the table is an acceptable substitution for clapping. [download]

6. Tim Finnegan’s Wake – The Clancy Brothers, Irish Drinking Songs “Whack-fol-de-dah now dance to your partner / Welt the floor your trotters shake / Wasn’t it the truth I told you? / Lots of fun at Finnegan’s Wake!” This is my favorite Irish drinking song ever. A fine Irishman dies, his friends gather at his wake, a fight breaks out, and Tim Finnegan is brought back to life by the powers of whiskey. My favorite performance of this was at The Brazen Head in Dublin where I sat next to the musicians and the spoon player played the spoons on my knee. The band sang the verses all slow and dramatic and rushed through the chorus – the only time when the audience was allowed to participate. Anyone caught clapping after the chorus finished had to take a drink. [download]

7. Rocky Road to Dublin – The Young Dubliners, Rocky Road (1994) “Hunt the hare and turn her down the rocky road and all the way to Dublin whack-fol-la-de-da!”  [download]

Traditional Irish Music

Because it’s not St. Patrick’s Day without some traditional instrumental tunes you can clog or start a reel to.

1. Diddling Set – Bill Jones, Two Year Winter (2003) Bill Jones is actually a British folk singer. She wrote this song in the style of “mouth music,” a way of singing that developed in Scotland and Northern Ireland where the occupying English government repressed forms of traditional cultural music. Certain instruments were banned from being played publicly, so singers would imitate these instruments with nonsense syllables instead. [download]

2. Live from Matt Molloy’s Pub – The Chieftains, Water from the Well (2000) [download]

3. Bodrhan – The Young Dubliners, Red (2000) [download]

4. The Devil Went Down to Doolin – Gaelic Storm, Herding Cats (1999) [download]

Song Mix Sundays #7: MTWTFSS

March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

This week’s mix features seven songs from my library, one for each day of the week from Tegan and Sara on Monday to Augustana on Sunday. Make your week a little bit indie, a little bit pop, a little bit alt rock, and a little bit shoegaze with a different feel for each day from the following tracks.

1. Monday, Monday, Monday – Tegan and Sara, If It Was You (2002) “Monday, Monday, Monday / Your house or mine / I don’t really care about it any more…” [download]

2. Tuesday Morning – Michelle Branch, Hotel Paper (2003) “Tuesday morning in the dark / I was finding out who I was…” Michelle Branch was the first non-embarrassing-to-my-peers artist I became a fan of in middle/high school. I’m still a fan and can’t wait for her new solo album that she’s recording right now. I always come back to this song when I’m feeling angstily introspective. [download]

3. Wednesday – Tori Amos, Scarlet’s Walk (2002) “Just a hang-up call / And the quiet breathing of our Persian we call Cajun on a Wednesday…” [download]

4. Thursday – The Futureheads, News and Tributes (2006) “You should feel like it’s all okay / But every day still feels like a Thursday…” [download]

5. Friday Night – Lily Allen, Alright, Still (2006) “Friday night, last orders at the pub / Get in the car and drive to the club / There’s a massive crowd outside so we get into the queue / It’s quarter past 11 now – we won’t get in till quarter to…” A song for those Friday nights when you’re feeling hot, ready to hit the club with attitude, and break some hearts (and egos and noses, too). [download]

6. Come Saturday – The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (2009) “Come Saturday you’ll come to stay / You’ll come sway in my arms / Who cares if there’s a party somewhere / We’re gonna stay in…” [download]

7. Sunday Best – Augustana, All the Stars and Boulevards (2005) “When she’s sleeping on the sofa / When she’s laying in her Sunday best / When she’s turning over Friday / I could swear I’m sleeping less and less…” [download]

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