Samples of some of my professional writing for the web.

View my full portfolio at RebekahPlourde.com.

Content Marketing

Title: “From Web Forms to Welcome: What to Write in Your Email Campaign”
Description: AWeber blog article guiding new marketers through content creation at the start of their email campaign. Read the original article here.

Title: “How to Supercharge Your Email Campaigns by Integrating Them with Facebook and Twitter”
Description: Guest post for 60 Second Marketer examining ways to leverage people’s social network preference in an email marketing campaign. Read the article here.

Title: “Find Email Content in Elementary Grammar Lessons”
Description: AWeber blog article comparing email marketing best practices to elementary school grammar lessons. Read the original article here.

Title: “The Hipster Email Marketing Handbook”
Description: AWeber blog article that parallels email marketing with the hipster lifestyle. Read the original article here.

Music Reviews

Title: “Death Cab For Cutie – Codes and Keys (Atlantic)”
Description: Album review of Death Cab For Cutie’s newest album, written for Y-Not Radio. Read the original article here.

Title: “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong (Slumberland)”
Description: Album review of indie band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s new album, written for Y-Not Radio. Read the original article here. [download PDF]


Title: “6 Tips for Getting Ahead in a Bad Economy
Description: Blog article written for Leadnomics offering readers helpful advice for advancing their careers despite the bad economy. [download PDF]

Title: “Improving Your Online Search Results”
Description: SEO article written for Leadnomics with practical tips to help readers search more efficiently for jobs online. Keywords used: “online job search,” “job postings,” “job search online,” “job search engine,” “local job openings” [download PDF]

Title: “Payday Loans and Consumer Protection”
Description: SEO article written for Leadnomics. Keywords used: “payday loans,” “online cash advances,” “short-term payday,” “online payday loan,” “cash loan,” “payday loan laws,” “state payday loan laws,” “payday loan regulations” [download PDF]

PR & Journalism

Title: “The Mysterious Death of Marcelo Rivera”
Description: A blog entry for Jamie Moffett Media Design & Production publicizing a short film about an activist who was murdered in El Salvador. Includes actions that readers can take to help. Written in 2009. Read the original post here[download PDF]

News Clips: These are articles that I wrote for The Waltonian, Eastern University’s student newspaper, between 2004 and 2005. All 9  articles plus one center spread collaboration that I contributed are viewable here.


Title: “Adventures in Boxed Wine”
Description: A humorous review of a mediocre boxed wine that I recently wrote for and posted on this blog. [download PDF]

Title: “Portrait of an Obsessive-Compulsive Mind”
Description: A literary journalism essay profiling obsessive-compulsive disorder through the eyes of my father, who struggles with its symptoms. Written in 2007. [download PDF]


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